The U water bottle rack is a modular racking system for storing 3 or 5 gallon water bottles in an infinite variety of ways.

Do you need an office or home water storage solution? Our water bottle storage racks do the job in style.

USA PATENT : US D627,612 S

Four Bottle Rack
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Three Bottle Rack with Shelf
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Two Bottle Rack with Shelf
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Three Bottle Rack
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Wave Wine Rack (12 Bottle)
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Stainless Steel Crock - Water Dispenser

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How it works

The U Water Bottle Rack Explained

We have developed an innovative water bottle rack for water cooler customers who need to store water cooler bottles at their business or home. The U Water Bottle Rack offers a variety of assembly combinations, and many other benefits such as a shelf for storage of other items close to your water cooler.

u water bottle rack design
  • Suits both 3 & 5 gallon bottles (11 & 18.9 liter)
  • Makes Efficient use of “floor space”
  • Designed with an optional shelf for storing cups,tableware and small appliances
  • Offers a flexible capacity to suit your water consumption
  • Features a sophisticated, modern and patented design
  • Is easy to assemble and maintain, with no tools required
  • Allows for efficient transportation & storage volume

Incredibly simple to assemble

  • All bottle racks are built from identical modular units.
  • The units are positioned one on top of the other by attaching opposite ends.
  • Multiple racks can be placed side by side to reinforce stability and strength.
  • The unique design and construction allows you to adapt the rack capacity according to the space available and the amount of water you have to store.
  • Maximum safe vertical storage capacity is 4 water bottles only
u water bottle rack design
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